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Keep your fleet of vehicles rolling and go even farther for less.

Save on retreaded tires and hit the road with new confidence with help from West End Tire. We’ll help you make sure your trucks are ready to go the distance.

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Safe and Durable

No need to compromise. Retreaded tires are held to the same standards and testing as new ones, lasting just as long with proper inflation and maintenance.

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Cheaper than New

Save on your fleet’s operating costs. All the value of a new tire at a lower price when you buy retreaded from West End Tire.

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Feel good about your tires. Retreading tires keeps them out of landfills, reduces rubber plant harvesting, and uses less oil than manufacturing new tires.

Our Process


Initial Inspection

The tire or casing is inspected to ensure it passes industry standards regarding casing integrity, age, etc., before it begins the retreading process.



The casing is buffed to remove the old tread and prepare the tire for the new tread.



The casing is repaired, and any stones or other debris are removed manually.



An adhesive agent is applied to the casing. New rubber is then applied.



Depending on the process, the casing is placed in a mould or a chamber to cure the rubber.


Final Inspection

The tire is thoroughly inspected before being shipped to the customer.

Two Winnipeg locations

Dugald Rd. and Brookside Blvd.