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Old is New Again

West End Tire is Manitoba’s leading tire retreader for all your irrigation equipment tire needs. Whether you need existing tires recapped or prefer to buy a set of new retreaded tires, West End Tire will help you meet those tight harvesting schedules.

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Safe and Durable

Retreaded tires have the same standards and testing as new tires. With proper inflation and maintenance, they will last just as long.

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Cheaper than New

Retreaded tires are less expensive than new tires, and it’s possible to retread a tire several times, extending its life even further. All the value of a new tire at a lower price.

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Retreading tires keeps them out of landfills, reduces rubber plant harvesting and uses less oil than manufacturing new tires.

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Keep your equipment as ready as you are and do more for less. West End Tire can help you make sure your vehicles are ready to go the distance by:

  1. Inspecting your tires and wheels for damage, determining if you need new tires altogether.
  2. Using professional expertise to increase your tires’ life and performance